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QuarttoLino multifunctional children’s chair

QuarttoLino multifunctional children’s chair

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QuarttoLino® is a high chair that, in addition to its core function of making a toddler sit ergonomically and safely at the dining table, has six other functions. It can be converted into a seesaw, a children’s table with an armchair, a small staircase, a high stand, a play tower or a large, low armchair in just a few simple steps. QuarttoLino® has 7 different seat heights that you can easily adjust without tools. QuarttoLino® is a fully-fledged adult chair that can hold up to 110 kg.


more than a high chair

QuarttoLino® is a children’s high chair that has meny extra functions in addition to its core function of allowing an infant to sit ergonomicallycorrectly and safely at the dining table 

It can be converted into a seesaw, a small children’s table with an chair, a small staircase, a high stand, a play tower or a large, low armchair in just a few simple steps. QuarttoLino® has 7 different seat heights that you can easily adjust without tools. QuarttoLino® is a fully-fledged adult chair that can hold up to 110 kg. 

  • 7 in 1: children`s high chair, rocker, chair & stairs, seesaw, low chair, full-fledged adult chair
  • robust and durable: loadable up to 110 kg
  • made from high quality birch wood
  • stable and tip-proof
  • rubber flaps on the runners protect the floor
  • 100% pollutant-free materials and paints
  • with practical wheels for easy transport
  • 2 years manufacturer guarantee
  • dimensions (WxDxH): 48 x 61 x 82 cm
  • made in Austria

A multitalent

Function 1: the high chair

The high chair is part of the basic equipment of every household with a child. The QuarttoLino® has the look of designer furniture, is solid and safe, but incredibly versatile and easy to use. Initially with a baby, later without, the child sits safely at eye level with the adults directly at the dining table. Height-adjustable seat and foot surfaces ensure good support and an ergonomically correct sitting posture. Special castors make it easier to transport the QuarttoLino® and make it more difficult to tip the chair backwards. As soon as the baby can sit alone, it takes place in the baby insert.

Function 2: The seesaw

The classic rocking horse is still one of the most popular movement toys for young children. The innovative high chair can be converted into a stable rocker in just a few simple steps and without any tools. An optionally available wooden steering wheel puts little pilots in the racing mood. With the specially available giraffe head, children can go on a swing safari. High-quality rubber lips on the runners prevent slipping and protect the floor.

Function 3: chair with table

In a world where everything is adjusted to adult size, small children often feel like Gulliver in a giant country. Therefore, many parents buy a children’s table. With a QuarttoLino® there is no need for this additional investment, because in a few simple steps the high chair can be turned into a child-friendly table and chair. So the youngsters are enthroned at their own little table and can paint, do handicrafts and play to their heart’s content.

Function 4: The stairs

Children want to discover the world through play and as independently as possible. “Your own!” And “Alone!” Can be heard again and again from little world explorers. Much around them is too big to use or too high up to reach. That’s why children – and parents too – will love the QuarttoLino®, which, as a small staircase, enables them to surpass themselves.

Function 5: learning tower / raised stand

The learning tower / high stand offers children from the first years a particularly secure stand. With a load capacity of up to 110 kg, the learning tower / high stand is the perfect companion into adulthood. The learning tower is designed so that your child can be there while working in the kitchen or at the table and can thus learn to understand social interactions at an early stage. Helping you cook can help the child bond even more, develop better language and social skills. Whether kitchen worktop, dining table or sink.

Function 6: adult chair

Lots of visitors – no seating? No problem for the QuarttoLino.

The QuarttoLino® has been tested up to 110 kilograms and is therefore also a fully-fledged piece of furniture for adults.

You can adjust the foot surface horizontally and thus get legroom.

Function 7: seat heights

No matter how high or how low your tables are. QuarttoLino® does it all!

QuarttoLino® has 7 different seat heights that you can easily adjust without tools.

measures and weight:

  • High chair (WxDxH): 48 x 61 x 82 cm
  • seat height: 58 cm
  • height of table top (accessory): 73.5 cm
  • the height of the footrest on the high chair is adjustable
  • weight: approx. 8 kg


  • made from high quality birch plywood
  • 100% food-safe paints suitable for children

How complicated is the conversion between functions?

The QuarttoLino® high chair can be converted quickly and without tools into a high chair, swing, armchair with table, stairs or a low armchair. All you have to do is unscrew the handy screws on the sides and slide the two wooden panels into the desired position.

Is the chair also easy to care for?

The maintenance of the QuarttoLino® is very easy. The wooden parts are first wiped with a damp and then with a dry cloth. The use of detergents is not recommended.

Is the QuarttoLino® high chair tip-proof?

The castors on the back legs of the chair make it difficult to tip the high chair. If the child is strong enough to push away from the dining table, the QuarttoLino® rolls backwards instead of tipping over.

Is the high chair free of harmful substances?

The QuarttoLino® is 100% free from bisphenol and phthalates. The natural wood is glued without harmful substances, refined with water-based, food-safe varnish and is therefore saliva-proof. The upholstery fabrics of the seat cushions are also completely harmless to health.

Where are QuarttoLino® high chairs made?

The QuarttoLino® is produced exclusively in Austria. This vouches for local quality work, guarantees good working conditions and safely rules out child labor.

What accessories are there for this high chair?

The QuarttoLino® can be supplemented with a number of well thought-out accessories. This accessory is sold separately and fits perfectly on the high chair. These include: baby insert, baby belt, seat cushion (seat cushion), tabletop, giraffe head as a decoration for high chair, giraffe head for the swing, steering wheel for seesaw and play cubes.

delivery time 3 – 5 business days
shipping weight ca. 9,0 kg
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