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baby insert

baby insert

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The insert gives babies who can sit upright on their own, secure support. A bracket between the legs prevents it from slipping out. Innovative click locks make it easy to attach and detach. It is 100% suitable for children and is saliva-proof. Fits perfectly on high chairs, seesaws and small tables. For the safety of your child, we recommend the QuarttoLino® safety belt suitable for your baby use.


baby insert for QuarttoLino® high chair

The insert gives babies who can sit upright on their own, a secure hold. A U-shaped  support between the legs prevents any slipping out. The baby belt provides additional safety. Innovative click fasteners make for easy fitting and removalFits perfectly on the high chairrocker and tableFor the safety of your childwe recommend the QuarttoLino® safety belt suitable for your baby use. 


  • baby insert for QuarttoLino® high chair
  • made from high quality birch plywood 
  • 100% water-basedfood-safe paints suitable for children 
  • baby insert (WxDxH): 30 x 30 x 25 cm 


  • Baby insert (WxDxH): 30 x 30 x 25 cm 


  • Made from high quality birch plywood 
  • 100% water-basedfood-safe paints suitable for children 
  • Plastic backrest 


  • Baby insert: natur
  • Frame: bluebrowngraygreennature, pink, red

scope of delivery:

  • 1 x baby insert for QuarttoLino® high chair
delivery time 3 – 5 working days
shipping weight ca. 0,9 kg
shipping type small parcel
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