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QuarttoLino® is a child’s high chair which, in addition to its core function of allowing a small child to sit ergonomically correctly and safely at the dining table, has six other functions.
In just a few simple steps, it can be converted into a rocker, a small children’s table with an armchair, a small staircase, a high stand, a play tower or a large, low armchair. QuarttoLino® also has 7 different seat heights that you can easily adjust without tools. QuarttoLino® is a fully-fledged chair for adults and can be loaded up to 140 kg.QuarttoLino® wooden high chair for children is completely manufactured in Austria EU. It is a real designer piece Made in Austria. Safety comes first, of course. Look out for the TÜV high chair test seal and eco-seals for harmlessness against harmful substances. Only certified high chairs deserve your trust! You can see more about the most versatile high chair in the world in our videos or pictures or read more in the product description below.
We wish you a lot of fun with QuarttoLino®.

QuarttoLino a multi-talent

QuarttoLino® wooden highchair meets all the expectations that demanding parents have of a high quality highchair. It is functional, safe, practical and beautiful. But the QuarttoLino® also fulfils what children want. It lets them take part in the action at the dining table, grow taller thanks to the stair function and it is fun to play with. QuarttoLino® children’s high chair is made entirely of wood, is robust and has a modern, minimalist design. It is also “Made in Austria” through and through.

The high chair for babies and children

The high chair is part of the basic equipment of every household with a child. The QuarttoLino® wooden high chair for children has the look of designer furniture, is solid and safe, yet incredibly versatile and easy to use. Initially with a baby seat, later without, the child sits safely at eye level with the adults directly at the dining table.

The giraffe as a cuddly toy and the giraffe as our logo help to personalise our highchair and give it a face, a face of a giraffe that children like.

QuarttoLino® is unbeatable as a high chair. It has the look of designer furniture, is solid and safe, yet very practical and useful.

The seesaw – swing

Is it a high chair? Is it a swing? A patented mechanism ensures that the QuarttoLino is both – and much more…

The classic rocking horse is still one of the most popular movement toys for small children. With QuarttoLino, you can offer your customers a high chair with an additional rocking function. The innovative high chair can be converted into a stable swing in just a few steps and without any tools. First with, then without baby insert, harness and seat cushion, the child enjoys pure rocking pleasure on the QuarttoLino. An optionally available wooden steering wheel puts little pilots in a racing mood. With the optional giraffe head, children go on a swing safari. High-quality rubber lips on the runners prevent slipping and protect the floor.

Armchair with table

Sitting like a “big man” at your own little table? With a QuarttoLino you save your

your customers from having to buy their own children’s table. Small children often feel like Gulliver in Giant Country in a world where everything is made to fit adults. That’s why many parents buy a children’s table. With a QuarttoLino, this additional investment is no longer necessary, because with a few simple steps, the high chair is transformed into a child-sized table and chair. The little ones can sit safely at their own little table and paint, do handicrafts and play to their heart’s content.

The QuarttoLino with baby insert, 5-point baby harness and seat cushion can also be used as a little table, so that even the very youngest can enjoy their own table. Later, this can be removed and the child can soon climb onto its little chair under its own power.

Function 4: The stairs

Up high under your own power? QuarttoLino can do even more and is converted into a small staircase in no time at all.

Children want to playfully discover the world and do so as independently as possible. “On their own!” and “Alone!” can be heard over and over again from little world explorers. Many things around them are too big to use or too far up to reach. That’s why children – and parents too – will love the QuarttoLino, which is a little staircase that allows them to rise above themselves.

TIP: With a small shift of the top screw, you can convert the QuarttoLino stairs into a large, low seat. This is especially practical for adults who want to play with the child on the ground.

Play tower / high stand

Play tower / high stand offers children aged from the first years a particularly safe stand. With a load capacity of up to 140 kg, the play tower / high stand is the perfect companion into adulthood. The play tower is designed so that your child can be present when working in the kitchen or at the table and thus learn to understand social interactions at an early age. Helping you cook will help your child build an even closer bond and develop better language and social skills. Whether kitchen worktop, dining table or sink.

Adult chair

Lots of visitors – no place to sit? No problem for the QuarttoLino.
The QuarttoLino® is tested up to 110 kilograms and is therefore also a fully-fledged piece of furniture for adults.
You can adjust the footrest horizontally and thus get legroom.

7 seat heights

No matter how high or how low your tables are. QuarttoLino® can do it all!
QuarttoLino® still has 7 different seat heights that you can easily adjust without tools.


Beige, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Pink, Red, White


Our multifunctional. QuarttoLino® high chair offers this possibility by itself, thanks to the seven functions in one product. Children can not only sit and eat on it, but also play and learn with it, with the most versatile and best QuarttoLino® high chair.

The giraffe as a cuddly toy and giraffe as our logo help to personalise our high chair, giving it a face, a face of a giraffe that children like.

The steering wheel toy made of wood also helps to personalise our children’s high chair and give it a face, a face of a children’s car that children like.

The most important features at a glance:

It is: high chair, rocker (swing), armchair & stairs, high stand (play tower), low living room chair and a fully-fledged piece of adult furniture all in one
Safe, ergonomic, robust and durable and can be loaded up to 140 kg
Promotes the development of babies and children
Made in Austria EU and from high quality birch wood
Very stable and tip-proof – Very good in test
Designer high chair for demanding parents
Made of 100% materials and lacquers suitable for children
Equipped with practical castors on the rear feet for easy transport
Easy conversion in seven products, without tools (Allen key)
Floor-friendly – edge protection on the runners – no floor scratches
Gentle rocking due to the edge protection on the runners
Wide range of colours, something for every taste
Easy to clean
TÜV tested, Oeko-Tex seal
2 years manufacturer warranty


Dimensions – Size and weight:

  • High chair (WxDxH): 48 x 61 x 82 cm
  • Seat height: 58 cm
  • Height of table top (accessories): 73,5 cm
  • Footrest of the high chair is height-adjustable in 7 heights
  • Weight: approx. 8 kg


All paints and varnishes used here are food safe, saliva resistant and absolutely suitable for babies and children.

  • Made of high quality birch plywood
  • 100% food-safe lacquers suitable for children
  • Fabrics for seat cushions “Made in Austria EU
  • Plastics for all products “Made in Austria EU
  • Made in Traun in Austria “Made in Austria EU
  • TÜV- tested and ÖKO- Tex- sign

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x QuarttoLino® high chair for children (in 8 different colours).

Consisting of:

  • 2x birch wood side panels
  • 1x wooden seat bottom
  • 1x footrest made of wood
  • 1x front bar (round) made of beech wood
  • 1x back bar (round) made of beech wood (with plastic click system)

Included with the QuarttoLino for assembly:

  • 8 x large screws with flat Allen head
  • 1x Allen key
  • 4 x plastic handles (with 4 caps)
  • 4x steel dowels

Accessories and decoration are not included

You can also buy the QuarttoLino wooden highchair assembled online for an extra charge of € 10,00!


How complicated is the conversion between the functions?

The QuarttoLino® high chair can be converted quickly and without tools into a high chair, a swing, an armchair with a small table, stairs or a low armchair. All you have to do is unscrew the handy screws on the sides and push the two wooden plates into the desired position.

Is the chair easy to care for?

The QuarttoLino® is very easy to care for. The wooden parts are first wiped with a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth. The use of cleaning agents is not recommended.

Is the QuarttoLino® high chair tip-proof?

The castors on the back legs of the chair make it difficult for the high chair to tip over. If the child is strong enough to push away from the dining table, the QuarttoLino® will roll backwards instead of tipping over.

Is the high chair free of harmful substances?

The QuarttoLino® is 100% free of bisphenol and phosphates. The natural wood is glued without harmful substances, finished with water-based, food-safe varnish and therefore saliva-proof. The cover fabrics of the seat cushions are also completely harmless to health.

Where are the QuarttoLino® high chairs manufactured?

The QuarttoLino® is produced exclusively in Austria. This guarantees local quality work, guarantees good working conditions and excludes child labour.

What accessories are available for this high chair?

The QuarttoLino® can be supplemented with a range of well thought-out accessories. These accessories are available separately and fit perfectly on the high chair. They include: Baby insert, baby harness, seat pad (seat cushion), table top, giraffe head as decoration for high chair, giraffe head for swing, steering wheel for rocker and play cube.


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