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Die flauschige Plüsch- Giraffe „QuarttoLino®“ ist das perfekte Geschenk für Ihr Kind zum mitwachsenden Kinderhochstuhl aus Holz. Sie ist komplett schadstofffrei und bis 30° C in der Maschine waschbar. Als Kuscheltier ist sie speziell für kleine Kinderhände geformt.

Ein Maskottchen gibt dem Produkt ein Gesicht, schafft Sympathie und erleichtert die Identifikation. Tiere und Abbildungen aus der Tierwelt werden oft dazu gerne genommen. Wir haben auch nach einem Tier gesucht, welches auch unseren Produkten, Werten und Vorstellungen ebenfalls ein Gesicht gibt.

In die Entwicklung des QuarttoLino® Giraffe- Maskottchen ist viel Erfahrung mit Umgang mit Babys und Kleinkinder eingeflossen.

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In our kindergarten, the children like to make the giraffe themselves, also out of wood or cardboard. To draw the giraffe, the children often use a template. It is not so easy to draw the outline of such a big animal.

The prefabricated stencils of animals can then be coloured in. However, the children like to draw and paint a baby giraffe the most. Other giraffe motifs are also often drawn by children, although a giraffe is not always so easy to draw. The fact that children’s imagination is so great shows that they often do not even need a template. Be it a dress or costume for carnival or children’s fancy dress party, the little ones like to make it themselves. The best and funniest way is to paint the giraffe by hand.

Girls do the giraffe make-up and dress up. Boys, on the other hand, show it as a strong and very big animal.

We have taken all this into consideration when developing our QuarttoLino mascots. Together with the best designers, fabric experts and production managers, we have developed our giraffe mascot, in this context for the children.

The children say “my QuarttoLino” to our multifunctional high chair QuarttoLino®, with the cuddly toy in their hand.

A mascot gives the product a face, creates sympathy and facilitates identification. Animals and images from the animal world are often used for this purpose. We were also looking for an animal that would also give our products, values and ideas a face.

A lot of experience with babies and toddlers has gone into the development of the QuarttoLino® giraffe mascot. Our research has shown that many children dislike sitting in classic highchairs. Very often, they feel pressured into sitting in the high chair and forced to do a task, namely eating. Many old and new high chairs have no other function.

With our giraffe mascots, we want to arouse sympathy and acceptance for high chairs among children. The children should not only sit and eat in the high chair, but also have a lot of fun with it. They should also be able to identify with their high chair and give free rein to their imagination.

Our multifunctional. QuarttoLino® high chair offers this possibility by itself, thanks to the seven functions in one product. On the most versatile and best wooden high chair, children can not only sit and eat, but also learn and play.

The giraffe as a cuddly toy, giraffe head for the swing and our giraffe logo help to personalise our children’s high chair, namely to give it a face, a face of a giraffe that children like.

Our giraffe soft toy and mascot is made of a very cuddly fabric and is very comfortable for handling and play.

A mascot gives the product a face, creates sympathy and facilitates identification. Animals and images from the animal world are often used for this purpose. We were also looking for an animal that also gives our products, values and ideas a face.


The QuarttoLino® “high chair for children helps the little ones to “grow up” with its stair function. Children also love to play roles with QuarttoLino®” and let their imagination run wild. Depending on the child’s imagination, QuarttoLino®” high chair transforms into a staircase, a car, a rocking horse or a princess tron.

Children love animals, live ones or their representations in comics or as cuddly toys. There are a variety of cuddly toys such as: Teddy Berr, Pony, Unicorn, a cute little dog …etc. it would be easier to say that there is almost no animal that has not been made as a cuddly toy.

Giraffe as a cuddly toy for children

Which animal should represent QuarttoLino® as a cuddly toy? We did not answer this question ourselves, but left the answer to the children. We simply told the children of different ages and backgrounds, in different kindergartens, the stories about QuarttoLino® highchair and its seven functions and listened to them. We gave the children wooden highchairs to play with and test. Then we asked the children the question: Which animal do they think could best represent a product like QuarttoLino?

Despite a large selection of possible animals and cuddly toys, most of the children chose the giraffe themselves!

The children’s questions and answers are always open and honest and therefore often very funny for adults. It was a lot of fun to talk to children about such topics. The funniest questions from the children were: “Does a giraffe wear glasses”? “What is a giraffe’s favourite food”? What animal sounds does a giraffe make? How do you say it correctly giraffe or shiraffe?

Whether it’s a sniffing cloth or a cuddle cloth, the giraffe is always a popular motif for children. There are also many nursery rhymes about giraffe. Children often use giraffe as a money box. It appears very often in comics, as a very funny cuddly toy.

We have of course complied with all the regulations so that our mascot is suitable for children. But we were not satisfied yet, we want the best for the babies and children. We have used the most suitable materials for babies and children. Special attention was paid to the production and origin of the fabrics. To mention again all our products are “Made in Austria” and therefore “Made in EU”. This fact alone, in the currently very globally oriented markets of the world, clearly shows how much it means to us to develop products for babies and children that are free of harmful substances. We have consciously accepted higher manufacturing costs for our products.

  • Our Giraffe soft toy is also made from a very cuddly fabric and is very comfortable to handle and play with.
  • Our mascot is not too big and not too small, making it an ideal cuddly gift for children’s birthdays.
  • For all these reasons, our giraffe plush toy, stands as an identifying mark for our brand “QuarttoLino”.

Product features:

  • Accessories for QuarttoLino® children’s high chair
  • 100% fabrics suitable for children
  • Specially shaped for small children’s hands
  • Machine washable up to 30° C
  • Cover made of cuddly natural cotton
  • Polyester filling
  • Printed



The fluffy plush giraffe QuarttoLino® is sewn from:

Cover: 100% cotton
Filling: Polyester


Blue, colourful printed – giraffe pattern

Scope of delivery:

You can buy the QuarttoLino® Giraffe Mascot individually online:

1 x QuarttoLino® Giraffe Mascot.

You can also buy the QuarttoLino® Giraffe Mascot with the Baby Set mini, together with the QuarttoLino® Highchair online. Or you can buy QuarttoLino® giraffe head online with the Baby Set Maxi, together with the QuarttoLino® highchair and other products of the brand QuarttoLino®.

We wish you a lot of fun with the products of the brand QuarttoLino®!

Your QuarttoLino Team


Can I wash the QuarttoLino® giraffe mascot in the washing machine?


The QuarttoLino® Giraffe Mascot can be washed in the washing machine up to 30°C.

Is the giraffe mascot suitable for babies and toddlers?


The QuarttoLino® Giraffe Mascot is suitable for babies and toddlers.

Is the giraffe mascot suitable for babies and toddlers for small children’s hands?


The giraffe mascot is suitable for babies and toddlers hands as the giraffe – head is long and children can easily hold it in their hands.


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