Plastic spare parts for high chair

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Ersatzteile aus Kunststoff für Kinderhochstuhl, Babyschalle, Lenkrad- Spielzeug und Giraffenkopf aus faserverstärktem Kunstostoff:

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Innovative Klickverschlüsse an den Seiten, sorgen für einfachstes Auf- und Abstecken der Babyschale, des Lenkrads oder des Giraffenkopfes an und auf dem Hochstuhl.
Durch diesen patentierten Klick- System lässt sich die Babyschale mühelos von einer in die andere Position des Hochstuhls einsetzen, ohne dabei einen Inbusschlüssel verwenden zu müssen. Sie wurden ebenfalls engen Test unterzogen.
Die Montage- und Benutzung der Teile können Sie in unseren Videos oder auch aus unserer Montageanleitung entnehmen.

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Made in Austria EU

Well, not everything can be made from wood. Products or individual parts of products should always be made of materials that are optimal for the use. They should be functional and beautiful at the same time. But they should also offer the customer a great benefit.
In the development of the high chair for babies and children, we have tried to use plastics in such a way that they improve the properties of our wooden high chair, which the natural material wood cannot offer itself or in the long term.


The main features of the QuarttoLino high chair plastic spare parts are:

– For attachment for: Baby shell, steering wheel toy and giraffe head.
– Made of robust fibre-reinforced plastic
– Suitable for babies and children
– Very safe – TÜV tested – together with the high chair
– Patented and protected by QuarttoLino
– Easy to assemble
– Easy to use
– Easy to clean
– Wear resistant


Spare parts made of plastic carefully developed for babies

We have tried to develop the plastic parts for easy handling. Special attention was paid to the use by babies and children. Safety and health come first!
We are especially proud of the fact that all plastic parts are developed and produced in Austria – “Made in Austria EU”.
The development of plastic parts is an art in itself and very cost-intensive in Europe! On the other hand, this guarantees the high quality of the products!


How long is the manufacturer’s warranty on the spare parts?
As with our highchair, we have a 2 year warranty on all spare parts
Are other plastic parts on the highchair also spares and how can I re-order them?
Other plastic parts such as: plastic side handles with the lid, attachment system for the tray, push button for the click system, holder for the steering wheel toy and giraffe head and feet with the castors are also spare parts.

These parts, according to our knowledge, hardly or very rarely break and we have therefore not listed them separately here!

However, you can also request them within the warranty periods.


Price during warranty periods: Free of charge
Price outside warranty period: €2,00/piece

Delivery quantity: 1 set / piece / chair
Available: Immediately

Shipping costs will be taken over by QuarttoLino

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