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QuarttoLino high chair is a swing, table and stair at the same time

The children’s armchair is multifunctional, of high quality and also visually appealing
© QuarttoLino

Sitting, crawling, eating, swinging – every child will be happy about this rather ingenious construction. The QuarttoLino, developed by the start-up of the same name from Traun, is a high chair that, in addition to its core function of making a toddler sit ergonomically and safely at the dining table, has three other functions. It can be converted into a swing, a children’s table with an armchair, a small staircase or a large, low armchair in just a few simple steps. “Obstetrician” was the Upper Austrian plastics cluster. Business Upper Austria location agency.

QuarttoLino is a premium product developed with the latest technology for discerning parents. The piece of furniture is – “Made in Austria” – of high quality, functional, safe, practical and beautiful. The QuarttoLino was tested at 150 kilograms and thus also a fully-fledged piece of furniture for adults. The importance of collaboration in networks is impressively demonstrated by this product.

The QuarttoLino e.u team – a start-up company – is responsible for product development and design and will be responsible for sales in the future. The Friedl joinery from Traun produces the main parts from wood. The Transfercenter für Kunststofftechnik GmbH (TCKT) is an application-oriented research institute responsible for plastics technology. The desired design of the new product was created in the wooden model. Individual parts of the chair have now been redeveloped in a cooperation project of the plastics cluster: Because the desired functionalities of the product can only be made possible through the use and development of individual parts made of plastic.

This combination of wood and plastic offers a number of advantages: economy, consistent quality and, above all, safety-related advantages. The products have to meet very strict TÜV regulations, but should retain their functionality. Some of the necessary parts of the high chair would be very difficult or impossible to manufacture from wood or metal. This leaves the development from the “wood / plastic” system as the only technical option.

Technically challenging in terms of plastics

On the one hand, the rollers have to withstand very high forces of 150 kilograms, on the other hand, they must not be too hard to damage floors. The right choice of material is a challenge here. In general, the parts to be developed must convince with their functionality and ease of use and, above all, they must be extremely robust and sometimes withstand extreme forces. The lower wear of plastic compared to wood and the associated longer service life of these parts is another reason why plastic is preferred for the selected parts.

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