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The most versatile high chair in the world comes from Austria

The QuarttoLino is a high chair, a swing, a table and a staircase at the same time

Vienna (OTS)– Every child is looking forward to this: A high chair on which they can not only sit and eat, but which can also be used as a swing, table or stairs. Danijela Lekic, founder of QuarttoLino: “The QuarttoLino turns a child seat into a versatile piece of furniture that children can enjoy. Not only my children had fun with it, but our customer feedback is also brilliant in the few months that we have been on the market. ” The Upper Austrian startup QuarttoLino has produced a practical and multifunctional high chair that is also aesthetically pleasing. It is made of birch wood and sustainable materials and is completely made in Austria. The furniture is glued without harmful substances and finished with water-based, food-safe varnish and is therefore saliva-proof. “There are no dependencies on Asian upstream producers, which is why short delivery times are also possible,” says Lekic.

High chair to swing in one

In a few simple steps, the QuarttoLino high chair can be converted into a swing, a children’s table with an armchair or a small staircase. You can do this without any tools, just with the screws on the side. Short explanatory films on the Internet show how to do it. Height-adjustable seat and foot surfaces ensure good support and an ergonomically correct sitting posture. Special castors on the rear chair legs make it easier to transport, protect the floor and make it difficult to tilt the chair backwards. After eating, the children can use the chair as a table on which they can paint or do handicrafts, and in no time the table can be converted into a seesaw on which the little ones can swing safely and comfortably. The high chair is complemented by a well thought-out selection of lovingly designed accessories, which are available separately. The QuarttoLino is available from specialist retailers in seven design colors (from blue to red) including dice for 349 euros.

Solid quality

Lekic: “The label ‘Made in Austria’ also justifies a higher price, but guarantees solid quality because it meets the strict local TÜV regulations and meets the very highest quality standards.” With Quarttolino, it is not only functional children’s furniture that moves into the house but also a real designer piece made in Austria. This makes it an ideal Christmas present.

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