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You must be wondering why this funny headline “Please not another baby blog”? What we want to tell you with it or what our message to young families is, you can take from the following posts. With the recommendation of QuarttoLino!

After the birth of your baby
The time has come, you have now wonderfully completed your family planning and your dream child has arrived. Mum, dad, grandma and grandpa are very happy. Mum and baby are doing well and both can finally go home to dad. The baby is adorable and you look forward to every little movement or sound from your loved ones.

The birth of a desired child is a special experience for the happy parents. After several months of pregnancy, preparations, training and months of waiting, the baby finally comes into the world. You are happy and well acquainted with and prepared for everything that is to come.

Mum and baby in the QuarttoLino in the living room

But in everyday life, when dealing with babies and toddlers, there are always new situations for which young parents are not well enough prepared. Often, this puts them at a loss for explanations. This is especially the case with the first baby. With the second, third and subsequent children, the situation is much more relaxed because of the experience they have gained.

They quickly realise that they don’t know everything about baby feeding or toddler education. Many young families quickly reach for their smartphones or laptops and then search the net for good advice and answers to their questions. Am I doing everything right with my baby? Am I raising my children right? What food is best for my baby? Which toys are suitable for my child, is baby’s first outfit after birth suitable, etc.?
In addition to the practical search queries, many parents also dare to look for medical advice for babies and toddlers on the net.

The questions asked by worried parents can be listed almost endlessly at this point. Just as long, if not longer, is the list of answers from numerous baby blogs, online guides for young families, advertisements from producers and retailers of baby and children’s articles. They all always promise to have the best for you your baby from your point of view.

We at the Quarttolino team are very familiar with this problem, because it is precisely from these questions that we derive our motivation to develop our products in such a way that they are practical and of great use to families, help your children to develop, and thus benefit everyone.

Our first advice to young families is that you should always seek answers to your questions from the relevant professional bodies first. For example, when it comes to health issues or problems, always ask the child specialists first. For the development and upbringing of children, the specialists in pedagogy, children’s speech therapy are of course the right and first place to ask your questions.
Sometimes you should trust your gut feeling when it comes to simple questions about babies. Mothers themselves often have the best feeling about what the baby or child wants or needs.

We will continuously try to give you at least a first introduction to your questions, which are interesting for families, from our point of view and experience.

Your QuarttoLino Team

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