A high chair is a must – QuarttoLino! A high chair for children is part of the basic equipment of every household with children. Many young parents rightly ask themselves which baby high chair or which chair at all would be the age-appropriate high chair for their child. Should the high chair be height-adjustable or multifunctional, or one that grows with the child, or made of wood or plastic? From what age is a purchase sensible? As parents only want the best for their child, they search the Internet or the numerous children’s high chair tests for suitable children’s furniture.

Wooden baby high chair with features

Our answer to this is quite simple: Only as soon as your little darling can sit firmly and securely on his or her own and can therefore also take part in the grown-ups’ meals, does a high chair make sense. Then the kids can participate in the adult world at eye level and sit at the table to draw, play and, of course, eat. Depending on how physically stable the baby is, a baby high chair can be used from 3 or 6 months. At 8 months, babies have usually reached the age to be able to sit properly on their own.
Safety comes first. Look for the TÜV high chair test seal and eco seals for harmlessness to harmful substances. Only certified high chairs deserve your trust.
Babies and children naturally want to participate in their parents’ lives and sit at the table with the grown-ups during meals and games. Of course, it is best when toddlers themselves have fun with your high chairs and there are no “discussions” that the child has to sit in the high chair. Children should love their high chair. Unfortunately, many highchairs are not suitable for this because they only have the one, classic function: sitting. After meals, they are no longer needed and are put to one side.

Multi-purpose or multifunctional highchairs are better: they can also be used for other children’s activities, which is very beneficial for the child’s development.
With the Quarttolino children’s high chair, we in the Quarttolino team have endeavoured to create a multi-purpose piece of furniture that can be used in a variety of ways and will delight children and parents alike. A children’s high chair on which the child can not only sit and eat, but which can also be used as a swing, table or stairs.

With Quarttolino, not only does a multifunctional piece of children’s furniture move into the house, but also a real designer piece made in Austria. This makes it an ideal piece of furniture or gift for young families with small children.
You can read about the other values we stand for in the following text.

The basic requirement for a classic highchair is that the child sits in it safely and ergonomically. The baby high chair should last at least as long as the child needs it, be easy to handle and easy to clean. Many discerning parents also value beautiful design and a product that is free of harmful substances.

Baby Im QuarttoLino Kinderhochstuhl – Essen macht Spaß!

Multifunctionality and multi-purpose are also buzzwords of the day when it comes to products for newborns, babies or children. Since children’s furniture in particular is still functional after its short service life, it is either given away or used for other functional areas.
The basic requirements for a classic children’s high chair are:

  • A high chair is part of the basic equipment of every household with a child.
  • The child should sit safely and ergonomically in the high chair
  • A high chair should be easy to handle and easy to clean.
  • Natural materials are important in the manufacturing process
  • Wood is the most suitable material for a high chair.
  • A wide range of colours is advantageous – there should be something for every taste.
  • High technical standards in manufacturing. Look out for TÜV seals.
  • Toxin-free materials are very important, especially for baby highchairs.
  • Often the country of manufacture is the deciding factor for quality
  • The versatile use of the high chair – for example for rocking or as a table – makes the high chair particularly practical.
  • A beautiful design of the children’s furniture enriches the home furnishings
  • Good durability means: the chair lasts as long as the child needs it.

Children want to playfully explore the world and do so as independently as possible “By themselves!” and “Alone!” can be heard over and over again from the little world explorers. Many things around them are too big to use or too far up to reach. The Quarttolino high chair helps little ones “grow up” with its stair function. Children also love to take on roles and let their imagination run wild. Imagination, dreams and fun as well as curiosity, creativity, spontaneity and individualism should be encouraged in children.

High chair made of wood for babies and children QuarttoLino®.
  • Children want to discover the world through play and as independently as possible. “by themselves!” and “alone!”
  • Children like furniture that corresponds to their size or that makes them grow up by themselves.
  • Children love to take on roles and give free rein to their imagination.
  • For children, motifs such as dreaming, fantasy and fun as well as curiosity, creativity, spontaneity and individualism score points.


From product benefit to world of experience
It’s something every child looks forward to: a high chair on which they can not only sit and eat, but which can also be used as a swing, table or staircase. With its design and functionality, the Quarttolino has a number of advantages for children and adults.
The QuarttoLino turns a child seat into a versatile piece of furniture that children enjoy. Not only the children enjoy it, but also young parents or adults can use it.
With QuarttoLino, a multi-purpose children’s high chair comes onto the market that has many other functions in addition to its core function of allowing a toddler to sit ergonomically correctly and safely at the dining table. QuarttoLino is the most versatile and best multifunctional children’s high chair on the market.

Quarttolino wooden highchair is multifunctional

With a few simple steps, the QuarttoLino can be converted into a swing, a small children’s table with armchair, a small staircase or a large, low armchair using the screws on the side. The QuarttoLino baby high chair meets all the expectations that demanding parents have of a high-quality high chair. It is functional, safe, practical and beautiful. But the QuarttoLino also fulfils what children want. It lets them take part in the action at the dining table and grow up thanks to the stair function. It is fun to play with. QuarttoLino is made entirely of wood, is robust and has a modern, minimalist design. It is also “Made in Austria” through and through. The new wooden high chair is complemented by a thoughtful selection of lovingly designed wooden accessories that make excellent gifts for children.

The QuarttoLino has the look of designer furniture, is solid and safe, yet incredibly versatile and easy to use. Initially with baby insert for babies, later without, the child sits safely at eye level with the adults directly at the dining table. The QuarttoLino grows with the children thanks to its easy height adjustability. Children from the age of 2 also like to use the Quarttolino high chair as a swing or simply as a toy, developing their child’s imagination.

A table top can be attached to the wooden Quarttolino high chair away from the dining table. Height-adjustable seat and foot surfaces ensure good support and an ergonomically correct sitting posture for babies and toddlers. The Quarttolino high chair has seven different seat heights. Special castors attached to the rear high chair feet make it easier to transport the QuarttoLino and prevent the chair from tipping backwards.

As soon as the baby can sit on its own, it takes a seat in the baby insert. A five-point harness ensures maximum safety for the baby in the child seat. A water- and dirt-repellent seat cushion for babies ensures comfort. When the child has grown up, it can then sit in the upper seating position without the baby insert. The adjustable seat and foot plates “grow with” the child. Quarttolino is a child’s high chair that grows with the child through and through. The QuarttoLino is TÜV-tested and can be loaded up to 140 kilograms, making it a fully-fledged piece of furniture or chair for adults.

Baby in the Quarttolino high chair

Our answers to the basic requirement of parents and children for a children’s high chair would be:

  • Quarttolino high chair belongs to the basic equipment of every household
  • Babies and children sit ergonomically correct and safe in the Quarttolino high chair
  • Quarttolino is a beautiful designer high chair or and thus belongs to designer children’s furniture
  • Multifunctionality and multipurpose of Quarttolino high chair is unbeatable.
  • Quarttolino is 7 -in- 1 multifunctional baby high chair
  • Individual design of colours of baby high chair are possible with us
  • Durability of Quarttolino is more than sufficient, because the high chair is made of best wood
  • Can be used for other functional areas, Multifunctional high chair for children. It can be easily converted into a swing, a children’s table with an armchair, a small staircase or a large, low armchair, adult chair
  • QuarttoLino high chair for babies and children is very light with only 7,5 kg weight and therefore very good to handle and easy to clean due to triple varnishing
  • Quarttolino has several (7) functions in one.
  • It is the most versatile multi-purpose high chair on the market. Its modular construction and click system make it very easy to use as a high chair, a small chair, a child’s swing, a child’s step, a child’s table or an adult chair.
  • Quarttolino High Chair Made in Austria or Made in EU is manufactured to the highest standards.
  • Only materials free of harmful substances are used for Quarttolino baby chair made of wood.
  • The country of manufacture and the associated quality requirements for Baby Born high chairs is Austria. Here, the manufacturing regulations for babies and children of the EU also apply.
  • At Quarttolino only natural materials are used for the production of high chairs and high chair accessories.
  • All our suppliers also come from Austria or Germany or from the EU and are also strictly checked for quality by us and the authorities.
  • Quarttolino highchair is made of wood.
  • We have a large colour selection of chairs, something for every taste.

In the European Union, the compulsory indication of the country of manufacture has no longer been required since 1982 due to a ruling of the European Court of Justice, but the origin plays a major role in many products – this begins with the working conditions and extends to questions of safety and the quality of the materials used.
In this context, we are proud to have the attribute ‘Made in Austria’.
The ‘Made in Austria’ attribute also justifies a higher price, but it vouches for solid quality because it meets the strict TÜV regulations here. It also satisfies the high quality standards of the local certification bodies for children’s products.
QuarttoLino and all its accessories are manufactured in Traun, Upper Austria.

Made in Austria EU Made in Austria EU

From the cut wood, the woven fabric, the varnishing and packaging to the finished children’s high chair, all steps are carried out in Austria. Our social responsibility is close to our hearts and is an integral part of our company policy.
The entire production of QuarttoLino products takes place exclusively in Austria. This means that numerous regulations are fulfilled completely and to our satisfaction, such as:

  • Respect for children’s rights
  • Through FAIRTRADE we strengthen children’s rights and protect children from child labour.

Quarttolino wooden high chair


Quarttolino sources the wood for our products exclusively from certified wood manufacturers and traders such as Frischeis, who are committed to the values of the Forest Stewardship Council® and distance themselves from unacceptable forestry practices and violations of the principles and criteria of the FSC certification programme.
The principles and criteria of the FSC certification scheme are:

  • Illegal logging or trade in illegal timber or forest products.
  • Violation of traditional and human rights in forest operations
  • Destruction of high conservation values in forest operations
  • Significant conversion of forests to plantations or non-forestry use
  • Introduction of genetically modified organisms into forest operations

Violation of one of the ILO core conventions defined in the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.
The accessories for QuarttoLino are also made of wood. Wood is a wonderful material, there are no limits to creativity. It is well known that the best children’s toys are made of wood.

You can therefore buy our wooden high chair without hesitation! You can also buy our wooden children’s toys without hesitation!

QuarttoLino is located in one of the most beautiful regions of the world in Upper Austria. Our environment is therefore very close to our hearts and we consider it a priority to pay special attention to our environment in product development, in addition to long-term trust and customer benefits.
Our international team is committed to constantly improving environmental performance at all of the company’s sites or those of our suppliers in Austria, Germany and the EU. We select our suppliers carefully and check them regularly in accordance with our quality management regulations. In this way, we not only actively contribute to environmental protection, but also live sustainability as part of our corporate culture.
Ecology and sustainability are core points in our corporate philosophy. The protection of the environment and resources have the highest priority and are also set down as an essential corporate goal.
Even our fabrics for the seat covers are produced in Austria or in Europe. Our suppliers meet the highest quality and environmental standards of the European Union. Our fabrics have therefore been awarded an Öko-Tex certificate.

You can therefore buy QuarttoLino Baby high chair with OEKO- Tex without hesitation!

Fabrics for our seat cushions for high chairs are OEKO- Tex certified!

You can therefore buy QuarttoLino seat cushions for high chair with OEKO- Tex without hesitation!

QuarttoLino products with OEKO TEX mark

We, the QuarttoLino® team, have made every effort in product development to satisfy our customers with valuable products and the highest quality standards.
We are a young, dynamic and international team of designers and product developers.
Experience in dealing with babies and toddlers as well as numerous new solutions have gone into the development of the QuarttoLino®. The result is an innovative top-quality product with an astonishing number of advantages.
We want to drive the QuarttoLino® brand forward with a spirit of innovation and new ideas. Our worldwide success confirms us in this and shows that healthy growth internationally is also possible with local production in Austria.

In our companies, important social aspects such as working conditions and quality of life for employees are taken into account. Our products are high-quality products made of environmentally friendly materials and produced in Austria.
Production in Austria also takes into account positive diversity aspects such as: Age distribution in the company. In particular, young people, women and older workers, cultural diversity and people with special needs are given preference in employment.
We place special emphasis on all our QuarttoLino brand products being easily usable by populations with disabilities. In addition, we are proud that part-time employment (especially for women) or parental leave for fathers is also available with us.

Product certification, such as that carried out by TÜV Austria, provides customers with trustworthy confirmation of the conformity of our QuarttoLino® products with the specific and strict requirements of this highly respected technical inspection organisation.
Successful certification therefore means a high level of confidence on the part of the manufacturer in its own products and production processes.
The TÜV in Germany and Austria, but now also worldwide, has a high reputation for neutrality and expertise. Because of this, it also enjoys a high degree of recognition.
TÜV AUSTRIA is an Austrian, independent testing, inspection and certification company with over 2,000 employees in more than 20 countries.
The services of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group range from personal, system and product certification to tests of lifts and pressure equipment, plant safety, education and training, medical technology, electrical engineering, environmental protection, Industry 4.0, noise protection assessments, carbon footprint evaluations, cyber security, Internet of Things, e-mobility, app checks, calibrations, product testing, robotics, technical due diligence and legal compliance checks, as well as tests of stage, photovoltaic and wind power systems.” Read more at: www.tuvaustria.com

QuarttoLino high chair has a TÜV mark

There are many baby high chair tests or child high chair comparisons on the net! These tests for baby high chairs and baby articles are often carried out by different people and organisations. They have their narrow test criteria for the high chair for kids toys for baby products etc. These test criteria for baby articles do not necessarily have to be standardised. Only EU standards for a high chair for children or for toys for children are valid and strictly followed by TÜV when testing a high chair.

So when you buy baby toys or children’s toys or high chairs for babies and children, be sure to check TÜV test and EU standards for baby toys or children’s toys or high chairs for babies and children. All these products should be manufactured according to EU standards for baby toys or children’s toys or high chairs for babies and children.

We are particularly proud to have the traditional joinery Friedl on board as a partner and production company. A family business built on years of experience, which is now being continued by the second generation. The Friedl joinery stands for the highest quality in the manufacture of the Quarttolino highchair and its wooden accessories.
Custom-made furniture fits perfectly into your living®space. They allow you every freedom and fulfil every function you desire. In terms of design and appearance, all possibilities are open to you. There are no limits to your creativity. You can create the perfect piece of furniture – and we will help you.
Through photo-realistic 3D planning for furniture and room design in Traun in the Linz Land district, we offer our customers an additional service.
Regardless of whether you are looking for a children’s bed, children’s table, wardrobe for children or adults or need the complete customised children’s room, you will find the right partner here.
In addition to the multifunctional wooden children’s furniture, we also offer high quality custom-made furniture for your household: whether it’s an entrance hall, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room or workroom – in our carpentry workshop in Traun in the Linz Land district, we build custom-made furniture for all areas.



Joiner 4 you
Joinery Holz Traun Linz Austria Quality

We would like to thank our loyal customers!


Further product features of QuarttoLino

The castors on the rear chair legs make it difficult to tilt the high chair. If the child is strong enough to push away from the dining table, the QuarttoLino® rolls backwards instead of tipping over. If the QuarttoLino® is in the rocker position, a rubber lip on the runners protects against slipping and protects the floor.
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QuarttoLino is present for you everywhere

Search for a high chair or high chair online – or a Baby Born hoch chair nearby – no problem. You can always find Quarttolino in your area and buy it directly in baby specialty stores or online.
Quarttolino children’s high chair or baby high chair is easy to find and buy directly from us as a manufacturer in Traun Upper Austria or in our online shop.

But you can also find and buy QuarttoLino products in numerous baby specialty stores in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and throughout the EU:

Would you like to buy a children’s high chair or a baby high chair in Vienna – no problem- QuarttoLino children’s high chair can also be found in the Baby Shop in Hütteldorferstr. 131-133 A-1140 Vienna to buy!

Would you like to buy a children’s high chair or a baby high chair in Munich or online throughout Germany or directly in the store – no problem- QuarttoLino children’s high chair can also be found in Munich Eching at Lohweg 27, 85375 Neufahrn near Freising, Germany in children – Buy a specialist store from Kidswoodlove directly or online!

Would you like to buy a children’s high chair or a baby high chair in Oldenburg or in Ritterhude or Friesoythe or Papenburg or Delmenhorst or Wallenhorst online throughout Germany or directly in the store – no problem – you can also buy a QuarttoLino children’s high chair in Oldenburg or in Ritterhude or Buy Friesoythe or Papenburg or Delmenhorst or Wallenhorst in the specialty shop Babyland von Garrel GmbH Oldenburg 26169 Friesoytheim Babyland directly or online!

Would you like to buy a children’s high chair or a baby high chair online throughout Germany? Would you like to buy a children’s chair for kindergarten – no problem- QuarttoLino children’s high chair for your kindergarten can also be bought directly or online from Jakoo or Wehrfritz!
Because of its multifunctionality and design, the Quarttolino high chair is also very popular with kindergartens, restaurants, hotels, paediatricians and gynecologists.
You will soon be able to buy QuarttoLino children’s high chairs anywhere near you!

QuarttoLino high chair for babies – children and adults – view now in the shop!



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