A high chair is a must – QuarttoLino! A high chair for children is part of the basic equipment of every household with children. Many young parents rightly ask themselves which baby high chair or which chair at all would be the age-appropriate high chair for their child. Should the high chair be height-adjustable or multifunctional, or one that grows with the child, or made of wood or plastic? From what age is a purchase sensible? As parents only want the best for their child, they search the Internet or the numerous children’s high chair tests for suitable children’s furniture.

Wooden baby high chair with features

Our answer to this is quite simple: Only as soon as your little darling can sit firmly and securely on his or her own and can therefore also take part in the grown-ups’ meals, does a high chair make sense. Then the kids can participate in the adult world at eye level and sit at the table to draw, play and, of course, eat. Depending on how physically stable the baby is, a baby high chair can be used from 3 or 6 months. At 8 months, babies have usually reached the age to be able to sit properly on their own.
Safety comes first. Look for the TÜV high chair test seal and eco seals for harmlessness to harmful substances. Only certified high chairs deserve your trust.
Babies and children naturally want to participate in their parents’ lives and sit at the table with the grown-ups during meals and games. Of course, it is best when toddlers themselves have fun with your high chairs and there are no “discussions” that the child has to sit in the high chair. Children should love their high chair. Unfortunately, many highchairs are not suitable for this because they only have the one, classic function: sitting. After meals, they are no longer needed and are put to one side.

Multi-purpose or multifunctional highchairs are better: they can also be used for other children’s activities, which is very beneficial for the child’s development.
With the Quarttolino children’s high chair, we in the Quarttolino team have endeavoured to create a multi-purpose piece of furniture that can be used in a variety of ways and will delight children and parents alike. A children’s high chair on which the child can not only sit and eat, but which can also be used as a swing, table or stairs.

With Quarttolino, not only does a multifunctional piece of children’s furniture move into the house, but also a real designer piece made in Austria. This makes it an ideal piece of furniture or gift for young families with small children.
You can read about the other values we stand for in the following text.

The basic requirement for a classic highchair is that the child sits in it safely and ergonomically. The baby high chair should last at least as long as the child needs it, be easy to handle and easy to clean. Many discerning parents also value beautiful design and a product that is free of harmful substances.

Baby Im QuarttoLino Kinderhochstuhl – Essen macht Spaß!

Multifunctionality and multi-purpose are also buzzwords of the day when it comes to products for newborns, babies or children. Since children’s furniture in particular is still functional after its short service life, it is either given away or used for other functional areas.
The basic requirements for a classic children’s high chair are:

  • A high chair is part of the basic equipment of every household with a child.
  • The child should sit safely and ergonomically in the high chair
  • A high chair should be easy to handle and easy to clean.
  • Natural materials are important in the manufacturing process
  • Wood is the most suitable material for a high chair.
  • A wide range of colours is advantageous – there should be something for every taste.
  • High technical standards in manufacturing. Look out for TÜV seals.
  • Toxin-free materials are very important, especially for baby highchairs.
  • Often the country of manufacture is the deciding factor for quality
  • The versatile use of the high chair – for example for rocking or as a table – makes the high chair particularly practical.
  • A beautiful design of the children’s furniture enriches the home furnishings
  • Good durability means: the chair lasts as long as the child needs it.

Children want to playfully explore the world and do so as independently as possible “By themselves!” and “Alone!” can be heard over and over again from the little world explorers. Many things around them are too big to use or too far up to reach. The Quarttolino high chair helps little ones “grow up” with