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QuarttoLino® high chair for babies & children

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QuarttoLino® high chair for kids

  quality made in Austria!

QuarttoLino® – a high chair so many functions

QuarttoLino® High chair out Wood meets all expectations demanding parents of a high quality high chair to have . It’s functional, safe, practical and beautiful. The QuarttoLino® children’s chair but also fulfills What themselves children to wish .

Our multifunctional high chair made of wood “QuarttoLino” offers through the seven functions in one product , this possibility by itself. Not just on it sit and eat , but also with it play and learn , can: Babies , children and adult with the versatile Multipurpose furniture .

The QuarttoLino® best baby high chair helps the little ones with his Step function “To get bigger”. Likewise love it children , with QuarttoLino® playing in roll to hatch and theirs fantasy to let go. QuarttoLino® changes depending on the children’s imagination high chair that grows with the child made of wood into one stairway , on automobile , Rocking horse or in a princess Tron .

You can use the best high chair easy for babies and children without tools remodel or with him Steering wheel toy , Wooden dice or Giraffe head to her favorite Children’s toys transform.

The giraffe when Cuddly toy out plush and the giraffe character as our logo help our multifunctional High chair to personalize, to give it a face, a Face of a giraffe which children like – Buy now online in the shop!

Why QuarttoLino®?
It is so multifunctional and has a very elegant design!
You can see what the QuarttoLino can do here – watch more videos!

Be what always you want!
children can slip into any role and to reach what they dream of when you let them and theirs development promotes.

The QuarttoLino® more versatile and convertible high chair made of wood with giraffe head, Fulfills but also everything what is children to wish.

This product is however still much more . Under the motto: “Never just say high chair to him” QuarttoLino® loads that easily child one in the World of fantasy in which it can be anything what it wants .

Depending on Children’s imagination QuarttoLino is transformed 7 in 1 multifunctional children’s furniture in a Stairway, on Automobile, on Space ship, on Rocking horse or in one Princess Tron . Whether with Steering wheel toy , cube or Giraffe head when Rocking horse, the Quarttolino Baby high chair made of wood is simple unbeatable.

Read our four stories together with your Children and transform they QuarttoLino Child chair that grows with the child , and Be, whatever you want !

Bester Baby hoch Stuhl

Once upon a time there was a princess …

Once upon a time in a little wonderland, the royal couple had long wanted a princess. At last it was time for little creatures to see the world. She grew up quickly and when she could sit, the royal couple wanted their own little throne for their princess. Then the royal couple found the QuarttoLino! The little princess on her softly padded and well-protected QuarttoLino throne could look out over your little kingdom.

Geschichte Austronaut

“Leon’s rocket”

“Mom, I would really like to go to the moon! “Says Leon. “How is that supposed to be possible? “Asked his mother. Leon sits on the floor in the kitchen and dreams. How great it would be to be in space in a spacesuit with a helmet. He thinks …: I could build myself a launch pad, climb it and from there get into my rocket and off to the moon! Yes, that’s how it should go. “Mama, Mama you have to convert my QuarttoLino so that I can fly to the moon!

Kinderhochstuhl mitwachsend Geschichte Raumschiff und QuarttoLino

Leon and the universe …

Infinite expanses, stars and distant planets – space inspires and fascinates little Leon. How does it feel in space? And how on the moon? Little Leon asks himself. He was still little and couldn’t fly to the moon, but when he got his QuarttoLino Leon became an astronaut, the QuarttoLino can transform into a spaceship and so Leon becomes an astronaut. With a lot of movement and even more imagination, Leon mounts a rocket and in the end even leaves footprints on the moon.

Kinderhochstuhl Mitwachsend QuarttoLino Geschichte Forscher

Leon the Explorer …

Leon’s parents are researchers and work on a secret project.

That’s why the family is moving to a new house in England. Everything is new there and moderately but Leon decides that he doesn’t like it here. That changes when he discovers the QuarttoLino in the house. Together with QuarttoLino, Leon will also become a scientist like his parents, whom the QuarttoLino can transform into a research laboratory and thus make Leon a researcher.


Only as soon as the no darling alone really tight and can sit safely and thus also at the meals of the Great attend can, it makes sense one Buy high chair . Then the kids can participate in the adult world and in the Sit table and to paint , play and of course also eat .

Children want playful the world explore and if possible self-employed “Do it yourself!” And “Alone!” World explorers hear again and again. A lot about them is too big to it to use , or to far up to it to reach .

At Children should fantasy , dreams , and fun as well as, curiosity , creativity , Spontaneity and Individualism promoted will. Buy now in the online shop!

Kinderhochstuhl QuarttoLino Giraffe Blau  der
QuarttoLino Schaukel  die
QuarttoLino Kinder Sessel-mit-Tischchen  der
QuarttoLino Treppenstuhl Kinder Tisch  die
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More than just a high chair

The QuarttoLino® is a Children’s high chair made of wood or a Baby highchair with fun factor! He is a multifunctional High chair , best Baby chair or. High chair built from high quality wood.

He can next to his Core function when Baby highchair especially Toddlers ergonomic correct and for sure at the Dining table sit leaves. Our Wooden high chair For children has many other useful functions .

At the QuarttoLino® children’s chair can for example seven different Seat heights to adjust.

The QuarttoLino® High chair Babies can also use the screws on the side in a few simple steps, etc. without tools to have to use too a swing (seesaw) , to a Children’s table with armchair , one stairway or one Play tower ( High stand ) are repurposed.

Now in the online shop!

Discover the different colors of the QuarttoLino high chair

A smart accessory for the QuarttoLino® high chair made of wood

Product features of QuarttoLino® 7 in 1 high chair made of wood

  • High chair, swing, play tower, children’s table, children’s armchair, stairs and chair for adults in one product. 7 in 1 high chair
  • Very stable and stable, ergonomic for babies and children
  • Promotional for babies and children’s development
  • Can be used by babies – children and adults – a high chair that grows with them
  • Robust and durable and can be loaded up to 140 kg
  • Made from high quality birch wood
  • Edge protection on the runners protect the floor
  • Made from 100% child-friendly materials and paints
  • Adjustable in seven seat heights – a stair high chair
  • Equipped with practical wheels for easy transport
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty – 14 days money back guarantee
  • Smart accessories – for children’s motor skills and imagination
  • Top quality Made in Austria EU
  • Manufactured according to EU standards for babies and children
  • TÜV test and ÖKO TEX certificate
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Why QuarttoLino®

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At first place stands, of course security the Children’s products . Please pay attention to that TÜV high chair test seal and up Oeko-Tex seal for the Harmlessness across from Pollutants . Only certified high chairs deserve your trust.

Lots demanding parents also value beautiful design and a pollutant-free product . Often they already decide Manufacturing -Standards ( EU standards ) and origin of materials about the quality of the products.

Pollutant-free and from natural Materials . Best off Wood should it be!

Multifunctionality and Multipurpose are also catchphrases currently when it comes to products for newborns, Babies or children goes. Just then Children’s furniture , after their brief Useful life are still functional, they will either be given away or for other functional areas used. Order now in the online shop!

Baby Hochstuhl Holz Babyhochstuhl Hochstuhl Umwandeln Multifunktions- Hochstuhl Kindertisch Schaukelpferd reiten Hotel Urlaub Österreich Schaukelpferd Quarttolino multifunktional Hochstuhl Holz KIndertreppe Kinder Stuhl Junior Stuhl Juniorstuhl Designer Stühle aus Holz Wohnzimmer Tisch Stuhl Erwachsenenstuhl

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09:23 25 Dec 19
Wir lieben unseren Quarttolino. Super Produkt, super netter Service. Können wir absolut nur weiter empfehlen. (-:
Mirjana Josic
Mirjana Josic
19:12 01 Dec 19
Hallo, liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz! Wir sind total begeistert. Super Produkt, mit einer ausgezeichneten Qualität. Vielseitig einsetzbar-... sehr praktisch! TOP!!read more
Lukas künzler
Lukas künzler
19:11 01 Dec 19
Tolles Produkt!! Unser Sohn liebt den Stuhl!
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